18 Minute Short Film
Master Hoa's Requiem

This 18-minute short film is part of feature-length documentary entitled VIETNAMERICA that will be out later this year.
Both films were directed by Scott Edwards and produced by Nancy Bui and the Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation.

Master Hoa's Requiem - Trailer from Edwards Media on Vimeo.

Martial arts master Nguyen Tien Hoa fled Vietnam with his family in 1981. His boat was attacked by pirates, his wife was raped in front of him, and the boat ultimately sunk, killing all on board including his young daughter and son. Hoa was the only survivor.

Thirty years later, Master Hoa returns to Southeast Asia for the first time to search for their graves. The trip is painful for the 70-year-old fighter who has spent decades trying to put the events behind him.

This short film is a sort of excerpt from the upcoming feature length film "Vietnamerica" which focuses on the story of America's largest refugee group, the Vietnamese Americans. In his directorial debut, Scott Edwards follows Hoa back to document his search and hear a refugee’s perspective on the Vietnam War, the family he lost and the life he has made today.

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